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This article was written after the Wallbank's won the Court of Appeal case. They did of course go on to lose the case at the House of Lords. A man and wife who found themselves bound by medieval canon law to repair the chancel of a 13th century village church have escaped a ...

A high court judge yesterday upheld an obscure law and ordered a Warwickshire couple to foot the £96,000 bill for repairing the chancel of their local church because their farm was a "rectorial property", making them "lay rectors".

A landowner was told by a High Court judge yesterday that he must honour an ancient liability to pay for repairs to the chancel of a 13th century village church, estimated at £95,000. Andrew Wallbank, 59, failed in his attempt to persuade Mr Justice Ferris that the legal bu...

The Archbishop of Canterbury called yesterday for an end to the "scandal" of the Church having to devote a sixth of its annual budget on maintaining its historic buildings on behalf of the nation. Dr George Carey said the Church's ministry was being hampered by having to de...
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