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Coal Mining Webinar

Coal mining is the most well-known form of mineral extraction in the UK. Part of the reason for its fame is through an unwanted legacy in the form of subsidence, collapses and water contamination. Such was the extent of coal mining-related damages that a standalone government body was formed in to handle all coal mining operations, hazards and repairs (The Coal Authority following the 1994 Coal Industry Act). However, despite this safety net enabled to protect those involved in property transactions, coal mining-related hazards are continuously overlooked due to reliance on “data queries” rather than interpretation of data.

Join our webinar on Tuesday the 8th May at 11am with Tim Longden, Head of Business Partnerships at Terrafirma and learn when, where and how ground risk assessment should be used, discover more about the hidden coal mining hazards beneath your feet and importantly, why the interpretation of data is essential in identifying, understanding and acting upon the potential risks the ground poses.


Webinar Agenda

  1. A brief history of mineral extraction cross the UK and how it may be closer to home than you might expect

  2. How mining-related instability can impact property and a transaction

  3. How the risks can be missed

  4. Changing perceptions in the approach of ground hazards

  5. How to identify and protect against risk


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