Title Interrogation with TitleChecker®

TitleChecker is a unique report that automates title investigation. TitleChecker interrogates Land Registry records and cross-references relevant CML Part 1 and Part 2 requirements relating to title entries revealed by the interrogation process. TitleChecker assists the conveyancer in assimilating information and ensuring lender-compliant transactions.

TitleChecker® identifies elements of the title that require attention and where possible will suggest a solution to enable the transaction to proceed. The report is split into three sections:
  1. PROPERTY DETAIL - Land Registry title, e.g. tenure or grade of title.
  2. OWNERSHIP - Matters affecting the proprietor's legal and/or beneficial interest e.g. a caution or notice.
  3. USE - matters affecting the proprietor's intended use of the property, e.g. restrictive covenants or mineral rights.
TitleChecker® offers a summarised result for each of the above sections, itemised clearly at the top of the report. The overview analysis of each component is listed below. Where the report requires attention or is critical, details from the OC1 and CML Handbook are provided.

Validated / No Entry On Title


The aspect of the title complies with the CML Handbook Part 1 and Part 2 (where lender is identified) and/or there are no adverse matters on the title.

Attention Required


There may be a discrepancy between the instructed information compared to the title OR this element of the title is deemed adverse.



There is an element of the title that fundamentally contravenes with the lending criteria of the proposed new lender.

TitleChecker® is created using the Register Extract Service (RES) provided by the Land Registry.
Each TitleChecker® report includes the Official Copy of Register of Title from the Land Registry (RRP £3.00).
TitleChecker® Refresher is a free service available for a year from purchase that CLS provides to enable you to update your TitleChecker® information to reflect changes in a lender or lending criteria. You can refresh the TitleChecker® for the following reasons:
  • To select a Lender to receive your Part 2 CML analysis
  • The Lender has changed
  • The Lender has remained the same, but the lending criteria has altered
The TitleChecker® Refresher will be emailed to you with an updated summary of any CML changes. Each refreshed TitleChecker® will be stored in your Case File along with a separate download of your OC1.
TitleChecker® presents results in an easy to read format and offers the following benefits:
  • Saves time and money by automating title investigation.
  • Assists with conveyancers due diligence process.
  • Suggests solutions to issues raised in the title.
  • Reduces the risk of error within a logic process orientated part of conveyancing.

For more information about TitleChecker® please contact our expert team on +44 (0)1732 897 530
or email them at
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TitleChecker® is provided with the benefit of a Search Insurance policy offering cover up to a market value of £2m where a pre-existing matter adversely affects the result of the TitleChecker® Summary and Report provided on the property and should have been identified as part thereof.
Once the TitleChecker® has been ordered, it will be returned to you instantly.