CLS provide a range of environmental cover solutions for historical contamination as well as operational risk. Policies are available for both residential and commercial properties, including online policies for onsite cover where the client’s situation fits within our statements of fact and standard range of options. Our bespoke service is suited to deal with more complex circumstances and is perfect for commercial properties where additional cover options are sought.

Environmental risk is material to EVERY property transaction and it is standard practice for solicitors to obtain at least an environmental search report. If the property doesn’t ‘pass first time’ or the client wants the extra reassurance we can help smooth the transaction by providing insurance.

Our Contaminated Land Insurance is designed to protect the property owner, their mortgagee and any tenants against actual financial loss attributed to regulatory action under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, including remediation and reinstatement costs, diminution in value and legal fees.
CLS’ insurance is underwritten by an AA- rated insurance capacity giving your clients access to the highest rated security available in the UK property market.
We can offer the choice of a 15 or 25 year policy term and provide cover that extends to both tenants and future owners. Plus, for any mortgage on the property, the mortgage provider will automatically be protected for the entire period of their interest.
Immediate cover is available through our online ordering system so the policy can be with you in minutes, even if the environmental search did not pass. Our online cover is only subject to meeting the “Statements of Fact” and one of the standard situations.
For more complex issues, our dedicated team of underwriters can provide a bespoke quotation with no “Statements of Fact” to agree. All we need is a copy of the environmental search report for the property, any correspondence with the regulator(s) or other relevant information and an indication of the limit of indemnity sought. Contact
We provide a bespoke quotation service underwritten by experts in the specialist field of environmental property risk.
The base commercial policy covers against action taken by the regulators under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and/or the Water Resources Act 1991.
Extensions to the cover may be available for:
  1. environmental liabilities transferred within the contract of sale;
  2. environmental impairment liability (protecting the occupier against regulatory action under environmental damage regulations due to the accidental release of contaminants during normal site operations); and
  3. consequential losses associated with the disruption caused by any such regulatory action.
Our premiums are based on a robust risk assessment taking into account the environmental setting and identified risks in a similar way to that which is used by the regulator.
We review every property on its own merits so, no matter what the issue for your property make sure you ask the question - cover may very well be available which can smooth the property transaction.
To get things started, please send any available environmental reports, correspondence with the regulator(s) and an indication of the limit of indemnity sought to
Our contaminated land insurance provides:
 • Competitive premiums for best in class cover
 • AA- rated insurance capacity giving your clients access to the highest rated security available in the UK property market
 • Lender covered for the entire period of their interest
 • Bespoke policies underwritten by our in-house experts
 • CLS were first to offer 25 year cover for the owners and occupiers of residential properties
 • No excesses are applied
 • Each property is considered on its own merits by our experts in environmental property risk
 • Additional cover options may be available for contractual liabilities, site operations and consequential losses
Our specialist underwriting team has a combined professional experience in environmental property risks of the order of 40 years.
Simply log in above, click 'Order' and follow the ordering system. If you can’t comply with online “Statements of Fact” or find the right option for your site, simply email
Following a bespoke quotation we will ask the client to complete a simple checklist to allow us to check the assumptions we have made prior to policy inception.
Contact our specialist environmental underwriting team on +44 (0)203 409 9500 or by email at